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Scaf is a framework for developing, testing, and deploying Sui smart contracts and provides conventient functions that abstract biolerplate code.

You can use Scaf to:

  • write Sui smart contracts, build them, and deploy them on any Sui network
  • write scripts to simulate interractions with your smart contracts for testing before deploying to mainnet
  • write scripts that use Scaf to interract with any smart contract to automate tasks

For example, you can have a script that burns X amount of tokens by calling a burn function on your smart contract, or create a bot that calls a liquidation function of a smart contract when some conditions are met. And you can test all of that before actually interracting with mainnet, either in a local Sui network, or any of the devnet and testnet public Sui networks.


Scaf requires the sui CLI for building the Sui Move smart contracts and sui-test-validator for running the local network. To install the SUI CLI and sui-test-validator run:

Terminal window
cargo install --locked --git --branch releases/sui-v1.22.0-release sui sui-test-validator

And check if the CLI is installed:

Terminal window
sui --version
sui-test-validator --help


You can install Scaf with npm. To start a new project and develop Sui Move smart contracts

mkdir sui_move_project
cd sui_move_project
npm init -y
npm install @cnikolaou/scaf

Issues & Feedback

We aim to make Scaf more usable and user friendly. If you find any bugs or have any suggestions you can open a GitHub issue.